For Concurrent Enrollment -

Available Courses

The following are Minneapolis College courses currently offered at various high schools. Not all courses are available at all high schools, and available courses do change from semester to semester. Students should talk to their high school counselors for information on available concurrent enrollment courses.

Before Starting

When you choose to take a concurrent enrollment course, you are beginning your college career and should consider these factors:

  • You will be earning college credits and will be able to use those credits toward your program of studies at Minneapolis College or request that they transfer to a different institution.
  • The more free college credits you accumulate while in high school, the further you will advance in your college career, and the more money you can potentially save in tuition.
  • Studies show that students who succeed in concurrent enrollment courses tend to be better prepared for college, earn higher GPAs and have higher retention rates in college.
  • You need to remember the grade you earn in the course will be on your permanent college transcript and will affect your GPA and attempted credits.
  • Your future application for financial aid takes several factors into consideration, but your academic standing based on GPA and attempted credits are among them.
  • If you find yourself struggling in the course, you have options, including resources to help you do better in the course, or withdrawing from the course. Visit the Dropping or Withdrawing webpage to see how these processes work.