Support Services

Student Support Center COVID-19 Update:

We realize that this is a trying time for many, and we want you to know that we are here to support you. 

Please consider taking advantage of our Virtual “Zoom-In” Hours every Thursday:

Zoom Counseling | 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. & 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

An opportunity for you to speak confidentially with a counselor regarding any personal issues that may be interfering with your ability to focus on classes and navigate life in general. 

Zoom Resource & Referral

To schedule a virtual appointment with Resource and Referral Staff:

Click on the links below for specific details of what we offer:

Our Mission

The departments within the Minneapolis College Student Support Center work in conjunction with one another to consistently provide holistic and inclusive support services to our students in a compassionate and respectful environment.


  • Dignity
  • Safety
  • Confidentiality
  • Consistency
  • Respect
  • Helpfulness

Contact Us

Student Support Center
Phone: 612-659-6709


Lania Caldwell
Outreach Coordinator
Phone: 612-659-6255


Anna Mazig
Chief Student Complaint & Conduct Officer
Phone: 612-659-6709
Email – Student Complaints
Email - Student Conduct
Email - Behavioral Intervention Team

Melissa Schultz
Phone: 612-659-6709

Jalex Lor
Phone: 612-659-6709

Mai Vang
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 612-659-6739

Becky Nordin
Dean of Students
Phone: 612-659-6712

Student Parent Center
Phone: 612-659-6655

Visit the Counseling Services webpage.