Why Minneapolis College?

Student lounge with panoramic view

Advantages of Minneapolis College

  1. You'll pay less for course materials if you go here. 
  2. If you travel by bus, we have the least expensive bus pass in the system.
  3. Our big campus (1.3 million square feet) gives everyone personal space to spread out and study. An example is our Academic Success Center with its tutoring, computer lab, placement testing, research help and practice lab. Together, they cover over a third the size of a football field.
  4. You'll always find a parking spot if you drive to Minneapolis College. Our ramp is not only one of the biggest ones in the system but connected to the main campus by a newly upgraded Skyway. The new Skyway has added study space with its unique views straddling Hennepin Avenue.
  5. Transferring is easy with 16 transfer pathways.
  6. Getting a Bachelor's is easier at Minneapolis College with 14 bachelor's programs on the Minneapolis College campus.
  7. We have a very diverse campus.

Our Convenient Location

Minneapolis College is Minnesota's most comprehensive 2-year urban college. Located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, Minneapolis College's dynamic campus is easily accessible by public transportation. Did we already mention we have the least expensive bus passes here?

Comprehensive and Flexible Programs

We offer more than 100 liberal arts, career and technical programs in a supportive environment. Our class schedules and programs are flexible. Study days, evenings, weekends and online.

Personal Support and Award-Winning Faculty

Whether you want to train for a career, gain new skills or just explore the possibilities, you'll get personal guidance and support for planning your journey and help in choosing the right courses. Our award-winning faculty will know you by name and help you reach your goals.

Vibrant and Diverse Campus Culture

Best of all, you'll learn from other students, many who come from around the world and provide an array of perspectives to enrich your learning and campus experience. To see how we are the most diverse college in the state, check out our Campus Fact Sheet.

Affordable Tuition

And, we're affordable.

Tuition at Minneapolis College is significantly lower than tuition at most other colleges and universities. We offer student financial aid, including education grants, scholarships, loans and work-study jobs.

Plus, if you are one of the 63% of students who do receive financial aid here, over 85% of that group receives some level of grant money or scholarship. Money you don't have to pay back.

If you're a high school student at one of our local partner schools––you can even attend free through Power of YOU.

Visit Us and Learn More

Come and visit us to find out why Minneapolis College is where you want to go to enrich your life, expand your career and engage with a vibrant community of learners.