Legislative Updates

The Minnesota State Capitol Building

The Minnesota Legislature adjourned its 2019 session May 25. 

Minnesota State's New Appropriation

As this year’s session reached an end through a brief special session, Governor Walz worked with House and Senate members to reach a conclusion that Minnesota State will receive $81.5 million in new funding to be appropriated as follows:

  • $64.5 million for campus operating support
  • $8 million for the Next Gen technology infrastructure project
  • $1 million for workforce partnerships
  • $7 million for workforce development scholarships with $250,000 to administer the program
  • $500,000 for textbook affordability, specifically for a Z-degree program at 3 colleges
  • $500,000 for leveraged equipment
  • $250,000 for mental health services on college campuses
  • The bill caps tuition increases at 3 percent in both years of the biennium.

Not Included

The online language that required any online differential tuition rate be reduced to a comparable on-campus class was not included in the final bill.


  1. Language is included to freeze online tuition differential rates for both years of the biennium, as well as a required report due to the Legislature regarding online tuition differential, an analysis, and a plan to achieve parity related to tuition rates.
  2. The study to identify reductions of 10 percent in administrative costs was amended to a report that defines, categorizes and accounts for administrative costs. The report is to identify measures taken to use innovation and cost efficiencies to lower administrative costs.
  3. Regarding the State Grant program, the final bill reduces the assigned family contribution (AFR) by 2 additional percentage points. This will benefit families with an expected financial contribution.
  4. The bill also proposes an increase in the living and miscellaneous expense account (LME) to 106 percent of federal poverty guidelines from 101 percent.

To see how the House and Senate voted on the appropriations in comparison to Minnesota State’s request for funding, check out the 2019 Conference Committee Positions on the Marketing Communication SharePoint site.

For additional information about the 2019 session, visit Minnesota Legislature online.