Minneapolis College Advocates


You know your own story.

You know what you care about.

Your story and ideas can help shape legislation.

This legislative session, Minneapolis College has two funding priorities.

  1. Management Education Center Bonding Project

If fully funded, this $16.9 million request covers:

  • Improvements to 21 classrooms and labs
  • Partnerships with Metropolitan State University to expand opportunities for underrepresented students in the Twin Cities
  • Programs for students in business, management and economics
  • New spaces for student support and collaboration
  • Renovated offices for faculty and staff
  1. Supplemental Budget Support

If fully funded, this $60 million request covers:

  • Allowing Minnesota State to freeze undergraduate tuition for the 2022-23 academic year
  • Financial support to help offset recent inflationary costs; if fully funded, Minneapolis College would receive over $1 million
  • Systemwide resources for workforce development, student mental health and student basic needs

What can you do?

Whether you’re a student or an employee, an alum or a neighbor, Minneapolis College has impacted your life. Telling lawmakers your story shows them the value of Minneapolis College and of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.

Ask yourself three questions:

  • Why am I part of Minneapolis College?
  • What difference has Minneapolis College made in my life?
  • How would I help Minneapolis College if I had the power to do so?

By answering these questions, you’ll find your story to tell legislators. Don’t worry about knowing the College’s most pressing needs. Don’t sweat the details of budgets, proposed projects or requests. Simply contacting your legislator with your story will make the difference.

When lawmakers hear the real impact of their decisions, it will secure a better result for Minneapolis College this legislative session.