Partner with Us


Our Community Partners and Public Support

Public and private support for Minneapolis College is an investment in the future of Minnesota. Our graduates are the business owners, teachers, nurses, graphic designers, trades professionals, lab technicians, computer programmers, social workers and accountants who serve communities in the Twin Cities and throughout our state.

Minneapolis College partners with businesses, community organizations, school districts and individuals on workforce development, service, philanthropy and more. We leverage these partnerships throughout our college to promote student success and advance our mission of providing access to the transformative power of education for all.


The Minneapolis College Foundation was formed as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in 1977 to raise funds to serve our students and the College. The Foundation remains a pillar of support for learning. It empowers generosity to create opportunities that impact the city of Minneapolis and transform lives.


Minneapolis College partners with all K-12 grade levels to help students understand their academic and professional possibilities, leverage dual-credit opportunities to earn college credit while still in high school, and access financial resources to earn a degree debt-free.

Community Engagement

Each year, Minneapolis College organizes a Martin Luther King Jr celebration, health fairs and environmental sustainability fairs, partnering with and supporting local organizations.

Economic Empowerment

Minneapolis College partners with industry to shape the student experience. These partnerships ensure that our course offerings prepare students to meet the ever-changing economic needs in the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota. Besides serving on program advisory committees that shape our curriculum, Career Services provides direct student connections with businesses.