Partner with Us


Our Community Partners and Public Support

Public and private support for Minneapolis Community and Technical College provides an important investment in the future of our state. The students who graduate from our college become the business owners, teachers, nurses, graphic designers, trades professionals, lab technicians, computer programmers, social workers and accountants that serve our community.

There are many ways companies, organizations and individuals support and advance the mission of our college and the goals of our students. In return, the campus community also participates in community projects and provides educational resources and expertise to our schools, community organizations and businesses.

Examples of these partnerships and programs include:

  • Our work with the The Minneapolis Community and Technical College Foundation. The foundation was formed as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in 1977 to raise funds to serve our students and the college. 
  • Our partnerships with K-12 educators. Through programs like Jump Start to College and Power of YOU, high school students better understand how to get ready for college and access important financial resources for pursuing their educational goals.  
  • Our relationship with the community. Each year, Minneapolis College organizes annual Martin Luther King, Jr. celebrations, health fairs and environmental sustainability fairs with and in support of local organizations.
  • Our relationships with our advisory committee members, who help us plan our curriculum. Minneapolis College has relationships with numerous industry leaders who work with us to ensure our class offerings remain relevant.