Alumni and Friends


At Minneapolis College, Students Go to School to Get to Work.

Since 1977, the Minneapolis College Foundation has remained a pillar of support for the advancement of learning and empowering generosity to create opportunities, impact the city of Minneapolis and transform lives.

Powered by our Friends, Alumni and Donors, Minneapolis College is:

Removing Barriers

With your help, Minneapolis College continues to break down barriers and make college possible for anyone with the will and drive to continue their education, regardless of challenging life circumstances.

Workforce Ready

Minneapolis College graduates are ready to hit the ground running. We prepare our students with real-life work experiences and targeted academic programming to foster success in high-demand careers. Coupled with unmatched cultural competency and an acute awareness of the diverse world in which we live, our graduates are ready to seize any opportunity.

Strengthening Where We Work, Live and Play

Investing in students and accessible education means investing in the community.  When you partner with Minneapolis College, you not only improve individual lives, you also help strengthen the social, economic and cultural vitality of the broader Twin Cities community.

Making a Difference, Together

Just like you, Minneapolis College is driven by an insatiable desire to help individuals improve their lives through education.  It’s our calling and we know with the talented, impassioned team of faculty, staff and partners we have behind us, together we can change lives.

A Mini United Nations

As one of the radically diverse spaces you could enter in the state, interacting with Minneapolis College is like hitting the diversity jackpot.  We’re diverse in every sense of the word, with students, faculty and partners that engage together in an unmatched experience.  Here, we foster cultural fluency and believe there is a place at the table for everyone.

Minneapolis College Foundation is a charitable, public-benefit, non-profit 501(c)(3) led by committed community members. We raise scholarship funding to provide our scholars with academic and professional growth opportunities by facilitating key partnerships between the College and the community. And, we support the College in its work to provide a steady flow of graduates earning high-demand credentials in the trades or transferring to four-year educational institutions, who, in turn, sustain the economic wellbeing of the community and contribute to the quality of life in Minneapolis. 

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