How to Read Your Award Notification


How can I tell how much financial aid I am eligible to receive?

When you receive an award notification email you are then able to view your estimated financial aid awards on eServices.

To do so:

  1. Log into eServices and click the 'Financial Aid' tab on the left-hand side of the page.
    Award Notification Step 1
  2. Your current financial aid status will populate and under the 'Next Step' heading. Select the link 'View Your Award Notification' under Next Step. If you do not see this link, see Tracking Your Application for information on checking the status of your FAFSA.
    Award Notification Step 2
  3. You will be asked to review award information. Click Next.
    Award Notification Step 3
  4. You are able to view award amounts at various credit levels using the drop down box under 'Choose your credit level'. Grant eligibility will vary between credit levels, but loan eligibility may not.

    Please note that selecting a credit level from this does not mean you need to enroll at that credit level, but rather it is a tool to show you what to expect. You are also provided a link to request loans from this page. Click Next.
    Award Notification Step 4
  5. If any additional information is required, you will be prompted to provide it. If not, click Next.
    Award Notification Step 5
  6. Once you have viewed your award letter, you can submit an award response by clicking Submit. If you submit a response without requesting loans, you do have the option of requesting loans at another time.
    Award Notification Step 6