Mission, Vision, Values & Strategic Plan


Our Mission Statement

Minneapolis College provides access to the transformative power of education in a diverse and dynamic downtown environment.

Our Vision

We see a college that provides access to excellence and pathways to opportunity.

Our Values

Anchor all decisions, programs and services around student needs

Create a climate that empowers, supports and invites participation in the college and the community

Build an interdependent community allied with our external partners

Work daily to create an outstanding environment for learning and success

Be guided by honesty, fairness, and compassion in all our dealings

Approved by the Minnesota State College and Universities Board of Trustees in May 2015.

Strategic Priorities 2022-2027

Minneapolis College has adopted 2 strategic priorities that capture the essence of its 2022-2027 Strategic Plan:

  1. Minneapolis College will eliminate equity gaps in educational outcomes
  2. Minneapolis College will improve student outcomes from initial exploration to retention and graduation

These priorities reflect the core of the College’s Mission, Vision and Values. They also frame the next steps for the 2022-2027 Strategic Plan and divisional plans which will guide how the institution will work toward these two ends.

Why these priorities?
A cross-functional, strategic planning workgroup representing all bargaining units and the student body drafted initial strategic priorities and proposed them to the broader campus community. Input from more than 150 faculty, staff and students led to a strong consensus and sense of urgency for these two Strategic Priorities.

Priority: Minneapolis College will eliminate equity gaps in educational outcomes
This priority is an important extension of the College’s ongoing commitment to equity and inclusion. Closing equity gaps is critical to the College fulfilling its Mission. By establishing the elimination of equity gaps as a strategic priority, the College recognizes the intentionality, focus and resources required to overcome institutional deficits and place equity at the center of the its work. This priority also aligns with the Minnesota State Equity 2030 initiative that seeks to address inequitable educational outcomes.

Eliminating equity gaps in educational outcomes means that, each year...

2,600 additional successful course completions by students of color -> almost 8,000 credits

75 additional students of color enrolling for a second year at Minneapolis College

185 additional students of color earning a degree

Priority: Minneapolis College will improve student outcomes from initial exploration to retention and graduation

This priority highlights that, as work to eliminate inequities progresses, the experiences of all prospective and current students must be improved upon. This priority recognizes that reversing the downward trend in enrollment is necessary for Minneapolis College to have the resources and stability necessary to effectively serve students. This can be achieved by drawing in new students and then providing them with the support they need to succeed, persist and graduate. All Divisions are challenged to consider ways to equitably serve students with diverse needs and educational goals.

Improving student outcomes from exploration through graduation means that, for each new cohort...

10% improvement in retention means 160 more students come back their second year

...and 77 additional students earn their degree

Our Service Quality Statement

We anchor our services in students’ needs. We listen to all questions and requests with compassion and without preconceptions. We listen for understanding to students and to each other.

Respecting Uniqueness
We serve each person, whether student or employee, as a unique human being with their own concerns, hopes and perspectives. We all come to each interaction with personal and cultural experiences that merit mutual respect.

Making Pathways Clear
We know that students’ lives and the life of our community can be transformed when each student achieves educational success. Therefore, we help others efficiently navigate their path to make success possible.

Approved by Minneapolis College President’s Council, April 21, 2015