Tracking Your Application


While your financial-aid application is being processed, you can check its status and see if you need to take any actions.

Log on to eServices and select Financial Aid.

You may see one of the following notations:

  • Ready for Letter – Phase 1: You will be asked for more information.
  • 1st Track Letter Sent – Phase 1: We have sent you a request for additional information. Nothing will move forward until you have submitted the documents.
  • 2nd Track Letter Sent – Phase 1: We have sent a second request.
  • EDE Corrections Transmitted: We have sent corrections to your FAFSA and should receive a response in five to seven days.
  • Ready for 1st Letter – Phase 3: Your application is being reviewed.
  • Ready for Packing Edits OR Award Notification: Your application is complete. Expect a financial aid award letter shortly.
  • Ready for Payment: You have been awarded financial aid. Grants will be disbursed. You may apply for a loan.