We are all MLK


Personifying Beloved Community


Minneapolis College is hosting a speech and performance contest as part of its 2023 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration.


Minneapolis College students and high school seniors from Metro Area High Schools are invited to submit a 500- to 1000-word speech or performance piece in response to the following questions and prompt—

  • What is the “world house,” and what is the challenge posed by it?
  • Why have material and technological advances generated a corresponding poverty of the spirit? How do we embody the moral ends of life in everyday practice?
  • Where do contemporary examples make you hopeful or discouraged about “this spiritual and moral reawakening”?

“This is the great new problem of humankind. We have inherited a large house, a great world house, in which we must live together—a family unduly separated in ideas, culture, and interest, who, because we can never again live apart, must learn somehow to live with each other in peace. All inhabitants of the globe are now neighbors. This worldwide neighborhood has been brought into being largely because of the modern scientific and technological revolutions… We suffer from a poverty of the spirit which stands in glaring contrast to our scientific and technological abundance. Every (wo)man lives in two realms, the internal and the external. The internal is that realm of spiritual ends expressed in art, literature, morals, and religion. The external is that complex of devices, techniques, mechanisms, and instrumentalities by means of which we live. Our problem today is that we have allowed the internal to become lost in the external. We have allowed how we live to outdistance the ends for which we live. Enlarged material powers spell enlarged peril if there is not proportionate growth of the soul… Our hope for creative living in this world house that we have inherited lies in our ability to reestablish the moral ends of our lives in personal character and social justice. Without this spiritual and moral reawakening, we shall destroy ourselves in the misuse of our own instruments."

—Martin Luther King, Jr., The World House (1968)

Five \$1,000 scholarship prizes to Minneapolis College will be awarded to Minneapolis College students and one \$1,000 scholarship prize to a High School senior from the Metro area.

Prizes will be awarded in five categories:

  • Best Argued
  • Best Researched
  • Most Impassioned
  • Most Creative 
  • Most Relevant.

Winners will be featured in MLK Day virtual celebration.

One submission is allowed per student.
Use the email subject line “MLK Day Oratorical Contest.”
Email submissions to: Charles.Watson@minneapolis.edu
DEADLINE: Wednesday, December 21, 2022

A virtual celebration will take place on Thursday, January 19, 2023. Visit this webpage for updates.