Transfer Credit Evaluation


Policies and Procedures

Transfer coursework will be evaluated according to the following standards, and in accordance with policies established by Minneapolis College and the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System.

Credit for coursework taken at other institutions will be transferred subject to the following considerations:

  • The course to be transferred must be comparable in nature, content and level to courses offered by Minneapolis College. In evaluating courses for transfer equivalency, the standard for review should be no less than 75 percent comparability of course content.
  • The mission and educational quality of the sending institution, and the appropriateness of the coursework for meeting degree requirements at Minneapolis College
  • Applicability of the coursework to the programs being offered at Minneapolis College
  • Whether the institution is regionally accredited

Please see Minneapolis College College Policy 3.02 Earning Academic Credits for more information.


Transfer evaluations at Minneapolis College are major/program-specific. This means that you will be given transfer credit for classes that are applicable to your selected program of study. If you change your major and believe that a new evaluation is necessary, you must notify the Registration and Records Office.

Once the transfer of credit evaluation has been completed you will receive an email notification to your student email. Transfer credits applied to your record can be viewed on your degree audit in eServices.

Credits previously placed on your record cannot be deleted, even if those credits are no longer applicable to your selected major as they become a part of your permanent record. Transfer grades are not used in the calculation of your Minneapolis College grade point average (GPA).

Students are responsible for collecting and providing necessary supporting course information to Minneapolis College. You may be asked to provide a course outline or syllabus to determine course comparability.

Transfer Grades and GPA

The grades you received at your previous institution(s) will not be calculated into your Minneapolis College grade point average (GPA). However, your transfer GPA will be considered for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

  • All college courses in which you have received a grade of A, B, C, D or P (Pass) at regionally accredited, post-secondary institutions shall be considered for transfer.
  • If the student’s cumulative GPA at the originating institution is less than 2.00, only grades of C (or P) and higher will be considered, unless the course was completed at a Minnesota State institution where it satisfied a Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) goal requirement.

Developmental courses

Developmental (remedial) courses will not be granted transfer credit. However, a developmental course can sometimes be evaluated to determine the student's readiness for college-level coursework at Minneapolis College.

Time Limit

In most cases general education or Minnesota Transfer Curriculum courses do not have time limits; however, there may be exceptions. As an example there may be time limits for specific courses that are required for particular programs, such as science courses for Nursing and computer related degrees or programs that work with the latest software.

Technical/Occupational/Vocational College Credits

Courses may have time limits, courses completed long ago may not transfer.

Minneapolis College Credit Residency Requirement

A credit residency requirement indicates the number of credits you must complete through the college in order to graduate. Please see Minneapolis College College Policy 3.09 for more information.

College-level coursework completed at colleges and universities that are not members of one of the six regional accrediting associations may be eligible for credit, requesting a course by course petition after admission by contacting the Registration and Records Office.

Transfer Credit Appeal

Other Types of Credits