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President Sharon Pierce

"Minneapolis College will eliminate equity gaps in educational outcomes and improve student outcomes from initial exploration to retention and graduation. These strategic priorities reflect the core of the College's Mission, Vision, and Values and align with the Minnesota State Equity 2030 initiative."

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January 27, 2023
Honoring the Legacy


Honoring the Legacy

January 27, 2023
This month, we honor Martin Luther King, Jr’s legacy, recalling his heroic efforts to meet one of our nation’s core challenges—equality for all. In his struggle for racial equality, Doctor King moved mountains, politically and socially.…

Warm Winter Wishes

December 1, 2022
During this season of gratitude, I think about where we were only a year ago, and I’m feeling incredibly optimistic. This is a great time to be part of Minneapolis College. We have daily opportunities to learn from one another and…

Connecting in Ways that Matter

September 23, 2022
We’ve started Fall Semester with hope in the promise of a new beginning. Coming together again on campus after challenging adjustments, we experience great opportunities for connection, both big and small. Whether it’s a chance meeting at…

Fresh Energy, New Possibilities

August 1, 2022
As we begin fall semester, I have a sense of hope and anticipation for what lies ahead. Something special happens when we come together on campus to work, study and learn. This fall we have every reason to celebrate, as we welcome more…

President’s Message on Recent Acts of Violence

May 26, 2022
There are times when words can’t express our deepest feelings. This is such a time. How do we process the deadly shootings in Buffalo, Laguna Woods and Uvalde? The seemingly endless violence causes almost unbearable pain and fear. This is…