Prerequisite Verification


A prerequisite is a requirement that a student must complete before enrolling in a course. Prerequisites can include courses, active placement test scores, and other criteria established by faculty to ensure a student is prepared to be successful in a course. 

Students are responsible for knowing what the specific prerequisites are for their course when registering.

Prerequisites can be met by:

  • Completing prerequisite courses at Minneapolis College
  • Establishing course placement in Reading/English/Math
  • Completing transfer coursework that is equivalent to the Minneapolis College prerequisite course(s)

Important: To avoid being blocked by prerequisite screening, request to have all your official transcripts and score reports sent immediately. Official transcripts are automatically reviewed for prerequisite coursework and course placements.

To verify if a standardized exam (AP, IB or CLEP) or course you have completed at another college or university is equivalent to the prerequisites at Minneapolis College, check Transferology, an online advising tool.

Blocked from registration

If you have met the prerequisite(s) for a course and receive the message “Prerequisites have not been met” when you attempt to register, follow these steps:

*Attempted registration in eServices is required to gain access to this eForm*
  1. If you believe you have met the prerequisites through a transfer or Minneapolis College course, complete the Prerequisite Verification eForm and attach a pdf copy of the transcript that documents completion of the prerequisite.
  2. Monitor your email for communication from the Registration and Records Office.

Instructor Approval

If you have received approval from an instructor to register, do not complete this eForm. 

Time Conflict

Time conflict registration must be approved by the instructor of the impacted course. If approved, you must forward the approval email from the instructor, do not complete this eForm. 

Exceeding Max Credits

Requests to exceed maximum credits must be submitted in writing, do not complete this eForm.