Prerequisite Screening


A prerequisite is a requirement that a student must complete before enrolling in a course. Prerequisites can include courses, active placement test results, and other criteria established by faculty to ensure a student is prepared to be successful in a course.

Prerequisites can be met by:

  • Completing prerequisite courses at Minneapolis College
  • Visit the Course Placement webpage for Reading/English/Math
  • Completing transfer coursework that is either equivalent to the Minneapolis College prerequisite course(s) or is reasonably sufficient to show you are adequately prepared

Some course have more than one prerequisite; all prerequisites must be met to be eligible for registration. Students are responsible for knowing what the prerequisites are for their course when registering.

Blocked from registration

If you receive the message Student must take/pass test or satisfy course prerequisites when you attempt to register, follow these steps:

  1. Check the course schedule. The prerequisites for the course will be listed in the Notes/Prerequisites section.
  2. If you have met the prerequisites, complete a Registration Assistance form and attach appropriate documentation.
  3.  Submit to registration@minneapolis.edu
  4. And Monitor your email for communication from the Registration and Records Office.

Meeting prerequisites with transfer coursework

Transfer students are often blocked by prerequisites if they have not yet received a transcript evaluation. If the Minneapolis College registration system does not “read’ the prerequisite course on your record, you will be blocked.

To avoid being blocked by prerequisite screening, submit your official transcripts to the Registration and Records Office for evaluation at least 8 weeks before enrollment.

If you plan to meet prerequisites using transfer coursework but you haven’t received a transcript evaluation yet, complete a Registration Assistance form and attach a copy of the transcript that shows how you’ve met the prerequisites. The transcript must show your name as part of the report (not hand-written) and the name of the college/university. To see if Minneapolis College considers your transfer courses equivalent to the prerequisites you need, check Transferology, an online advising tool. Remember to submit an official transcript to Minneapolis College for evaluation if you wish to have your credits transferred in.