Late Registration


On a very limited basis, you may be allowed to register for a course after the deadline to add has passed.

What you need to know

  • Late registration courses are not eligible for Federal Pell Grant funding
  • Approval of late registration is at the discretion of the instructor during the late registration period
  • Late registration forms are not accepted after the deadline. See the College Calendar for the last day to petition for late registration.
  • You must meet all course prerequisites
  • Tuition and fees are due upon registration. You will need to make payment arrangements within 1 business day of registration.

Late registration steps

  1. Contact the instructor of the course (the instructor decides whether or not you will be allowed to register)
  2. Submit your completed form to the Student Services Center (T.2100) or download the Late Registration PDF form and submit as a PDF attachment to Registration.
  3. If your form has been signed by an instructor and submitted by the late registration deadline, you will be registered for the course, unless you have a registration hold or have not met course prerequisites
  4. You will receive notification of the outcome by email
  5. Pay tuition and fees
  6. Purchase your books