Minneapolis College reaffirms its commitment to equity, inclusion and supporting the success of all our community members by:

  • Addressing individual acts of racism, overt or veiled and working across society to dismantle and rebuild systems that perpetuate privilege for some while disadvantaging the majority of those whom we serve.
  • Recognizing and acknowledging that we do not share the same experiences nor perspectives as one another.
  • Continuing to ensure our pedagogy, policies and services reflect and embrace the diversity of our community to thwart the harm caused by color-blind racism.

Minneapolis College declares itself an Anti-Racist Institution. We understand this journey requires that we make this stance operable by committing to:

  • Creating venues for underrepresented voices.
  • Undergoing anti-bias training and self-reflection.
  • Ensuring our measures of success are, in part, crafted by those we serve.
  • Providing multicultural services and approaches, seeking parity in outcomes.
  • Improving intercultural capacity.
  • Centering process improvements on the student experience and undergoing rigorous efforts to dismantle institutional practices with deleterious racial impacts.
  • Ensuring equity in all aspects of employment.