Scholarship Recipient Taylor

Minneapolis College Foundation scholarship recipient, Taylor, has taken his success national! He was awarded the Rees Scholarship for students currently studying Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR). 

While Taylor’s vision for his future is clear, that wasn’t always the case. Just 4 short years ago, Taylor felt directionless. In and out of juvenile detention centers, his path was uncertain, ultimately leading him to drop out of high school. He turned to drugs and alcohol as an escape. 

In 2016, things began to change. Taylor went back to earn his high school diploma at an alternative learning center. Simultaneously, he sought treatment for his substance abuse. After getting his life back on track, Taylor enrolled at Minneapolis College in the HVACR program. Taylor excelled academically and was awarded the Doug and Nanci Milbrath Scholarship from the Minneapolis College Foundation, and as mentioned, the national Rees Scholarship. 

He cites his empathetic professors, accommodating financial aid specialists, the Collegiate Addiction Recovery Program and the Minneapolis College Foundation as his biggest cheerleaders that got him to the finish line. 

He looks forward to graduating in May and using his skills to serve his community. “HVACR is my way of giving back to the community. Throughout my childhood, I was in and out of homes without adequate heating and air conditioning systems. Now, I want to make people feel comfortable in their home, in their safe haven.” 

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