Student scholar posing at Minneapolis College

“Thanks to donors like you, students like me with a lot of desire to keep moving forward can make our dreams come true. Being an undocumented student is a challenge, but I can’t let challenges stop me. I have to strive hard to find ways to continue my education.”

Rosa* began her Minneapolis College journey last fall as a Nursing major, earning a 3.2 GPA. She was awarded a scholarship for undocumented students and hopes to serve underrepresented communities after she graduates next year. 

“I want to be a role model for my siblings and other undocumented students like myself, so that they can see we can overcome any hurdles that come our way. Better times come to those who never give up.”

Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to improve their lives through education and hard work. We are proud that Minneapolis College was home to over 200 undocumented students like Rosa this year. Without permanent legal status or a path to citizenship, these scholars are not eligible for federal student financial aid in any form, including loans or grants. Our undocumented neighbors face extremely challenging roadblocks to earning a college credential.

Our Star Scholarship, powered by the Minneapolis College Foundation, supports these dreamers. We need your help to turn their dreams into goals.

Please donate today and be part of the foundation of transformation at Minneapolis College. Together, we can change the world.

*With sensitivity to her undocumented status, we are not listing her real name.