student scholar at Minneapolis College

At just 4 months old, Michaëlle came to the U.S. from Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Unfortunately, the promise of the American Dream didn’t give her family the stability they deserved. Michaëlle first became homeless at 15. Staying in shelters and couch surfing at friends’ homes throughout her adolescence, she struggled to have her basic needs met, let alone think about her future.

As an emancipated minor, Michaëlle grew up quickly, raising herself as a young teen. Internalized family pressure pushed her to pursue the welding trade, but she knew it wasn’t for her. Her heart was in her favorite place in the world—the library.

“Ever since I was little, the library is where I found solace when I faced instability and insecurity in all other parts of my life. It kept me in school and gave me hope for a brighter future.”

In May, Michaëlle graduated from the Library Information Technology program, the only 2-year program of its kind in Minnesota. She will study sociology at the University of Minnesota this fall before pursuing a master’s in library science. Her dream is to one day work for the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. 

“With scholarship support, I could focus on my grades and my goals. This supportive, diverse community made it possible for me to persist. I will be the first in my family to receive any sort of college degree. I feel really proud of that.“

Your support has changed Michaëlle’s life forever. Because of you, students from difficult backgrounds are able to believe in themselves and their success. Help us offer this transformative opportunity to other scholars looking for a little hope and opportunity. Your gift matters.