student at Minneapolis College

“The Minneapolis College Foundation is making things possible that seemed so far away at one point. This college and their support is really, truly what is pulling together the mastery of me.”

After struggling with addiction and homelessness for 20 years, Kristine is proud to have fought her way back on track. She is now an honor society student pursuing an associate degree in addiction counseling and human services.

“I hope to one day start an addiction treatment program of my own. I’ve seen a different kind of suffering and turmoil so that’s where my passion is.”

Approximately 10-15% of the student population at Minneapolis College deals with homelessness or considers themselves highly mobile during their college career. While Kristine is back on her feet, our work cannot stop here. The Minneapolis College Foundation looks to you and your generous donations to help fund life-changing scholarships that limit the financial burden students face while pursuing an education. 

To do this, we provide both scholarships and Random Act of Kindness grants. Random Act of Kindness grants provide emergency assistance to students who are experiencing a financial crisis. The grants may cover costs like books, school supplies, transportation, childcare — any expense that may interrupt a student’s education. We hope to offer both of these opportunities to more students in 2019. With your help, we can do that. 

Donate today to help us continue our transformative work. Together, we can change the world.