student at Minneapolis College

After struggling with mental health and doing some soul searching, Kia had an aha moment while volunteering at a senior care facility; psychology is her passion and she must pursue it! Having previously participated in a dual enrollment program with her high school and Minneapolis College, Kia came back knowing the campus community would have a place for her. 

After receiving the Kopp Presidential Scholarship, Kia’s financial concerns were alleviated. With all of her energy focused on her studies, she earned top grades. It paid off. In January 2019, Kia will transfer to the U of M psychology program, one of the top ranked programs in the country. 

“Minneapolis College means everything to me. It is almost silly to put into words because I kind of can’t. It means a life changing experience and an improved outlook.”

She hopes to open her own practice one day. We are rooting for you, Kia!

Minneapolis College students contribute to the economic growth and prosperity of our city by working in healthcare, finance, IT and manufacturing. They are well-educated, enthusiastic job seekers, ready to fill the most pressing workforce needs of our community.  You help fuel their dreams of earning a college credential and contributing to the vitality and strength of the Twin Cities.  

Invest in students like Kia who will become tomorrow’s leaders. Together, we can change the world.