student at Minneapolis College

Javier came to the U.S. from Mexico when he was two. As a child, he felt oblivious to his undocumented immigrant status. However, as Javier got older, he began noticing the dangers and disadvantages that come with being undocumented. Without permanent legal status or a path to citizenship, undocumented scholars are not eligible for federal student financial aid in any form, including loans or grants. As you can imagine, this creates an extremely challenging roadblock to earning a college credential.

Fortunately, a representative from Minneapolis College came to his high school to introduce the Star Scholarship program, a tuition-free pathway to college for undocumented students. Javier applied, got the scholarship, and has not looked back since.

“I’ve seen a lot of separation in society between people who look like me and people who don’t. Thanks to the Star Scholarship program at Minneapolis College, the gap has narrowed for not only me, but for other students facing similar challenges.”

After Javier obtains his associate degree in community development, he plans to transfer to Augsburg University to study communications. He hopes to work for a nonprofit that helps underestimated students get to and through college. 

“The guidance I’ve received from my mentors at Minneapolis College has inspired me to want to give back. I hope to be a role model for students who are where I once was.”

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