Meet Fadil, a first-generation immigrant and college student who settled in Minnesota from Somalia in 2017.  He became a Minneapolis College student this year, majoring in nursing.  With a 3.75 GPA (yes – a 3.5 GPA and he’s only been in America for one year!) and a belief that “everything is possible,” Fadil impressively balances both school and work as a medical interpreter in local hospitals and clinics.  His goal is to give back to the community and one day become a dentist.  

“I like helping people and I dream of working at the Mayo Clinic because they are the best.”  Fadil plans to transfer to Augsburg College and pursue his bachelor’s degree in nursing.  “The Promise Scholarship I received from the Minneapolis College Foundation shows the good faith of the American family, people who are not related to me in any way yet want to help me succeed.  Thank you for investing in me.  MAHADSANID! (thank you in Somali)”

Minneapolis College students contribute to the economic growth and prosperity of our city by working in healthcare, finance, IT and manufacturing.  They are well-educated, enthusiastic job seekers, ready to fill the most pressing workforce needs of our community.  You help fuel their hopes and dreams of earning a college credential and contributing to the vitality and strength of the Twin Cities.  

Invest in students like Fadil who will become tomorrow’s leaders.  Together, we can change the world.