Your generosity has a life-changing impact on Minneapolis College students. Eden’s story is proof. At 7 years old, Eden was diagnosed with tonsillitis. Unfortunately, it quickly worsened as the bacteria spread and infected her heart. After a three-year series of treatments, Eden’s health was thankfully restored. This experience would later fuel her dream to become a doctor.

To make her dream come true, Eden emigrated to the U.S. from Ethiopia, reuniting with her mother as they both sought opportunity in a more developed economy. Eden knows the journey to becoming a doctor is lengthy, challenging, and expensive. Balancing multiple part-time jobs, English as a Second Language courses, and an associate degree in biology, she had a lot on her plate.

“My STEM scholarship from the Minneapolis College Foundation helped me pay my bills while still cutting back on hours at work. It allowed me to focus on my studies and pursue other resume building opportunities like tutoring and volunteering. My scholarship set me up for success. I am incredibly grateful!”

Eden’s hard work paid off! After earning her associate degree from Minneapolis College, she transferred to the University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences. She hopes to eventually attend medical school and specialize in pediatric cardiology, the profession that saved her life. 

Your gift gives the hardest working students in Minneapolis access to the transformative power of a college education. You can help students like Eden as they seek to become the next generation of leaders who contribute to the vitality of the Twin Cities. Please donate today. Together, we can change the world.