student at Minneapolis College

Meet Deliah. As a mother of six kids, including two sets of twins, Deliah was aware of the challenges she would face going back to school. Additionally, having lost both parents in her early 20s, Deliah felt like she lacked a support system. 

That all changed when she enrolled at Minneapolis College as a student AND landed two jobs as a staff member. The diverse student and staff population made her feel right at home. In addition to taking on a strenuous work schedule at the Testing Center and in the Public Safety Department, Deliah quickly excelled academically, earning a 4.0 GPA and receiving multiple offers from Ivy League schools to continue her education.

“I appreciate the donors so much for not knowing me, but still investing in me. It means everything to me. They helped me be the best I can be. Because of this scholarship, I am able to make my mama proud.”

In spring 2019, Deliah will graduate with her associate degree in criminal justice. After completing her bachelor’s degree, she hopes to become a probation officer and a role model to her community in North Minneapolis. Her mantra?  

“It's not about where you're from; it's more about where you're going.”

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