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School of Business and Economics


Do you have a drive to contribute to your community in a job that promotes a thriving, inclusive and sustainable economy? The School of Business and Economics provides your pathway to work as a business manager, accountant, economist or in a number of other professional positions.

Choose from a one-year certificate, a 2-year degree program or an option that sets you up to transfer to a 4-year college or university. One pathway will prepare you to positively influence an organization’s success, make strategic decisions and lead others in the workplace.

Or, you can study to become a trusted professional who prepares financial reports. If understanding economics and its impacts interests you, choose the pathway that will teach you how to analyze trends and make predictions about the future of local, national, or global economies for use by policy makers and individuals.

Undecided on a major? Try our exploratory majors

Ask your advisor or our admissions staff about our new exploratory majors that allow you to begin making progress toward your educational goals even if you haven’t yet figured out which academic program you want to pursue.


The School of Business and Economics contains the following programs: