Wait Lists


Course Wait Lists

Many courses at Minneapolis College have a wait list option when a course is full. You can add yourself a course wait list in eServices with the wait list button on the current course schedule. Seats that open up are offered to students in the order they are placed on the waitlist.

You will be notified at your Minneapolis College student @go.minneapolis.edu email address if a seat in the course becomes available. Once you get an offer of an open seat, you must log into eServices within 24 hours to register for that spot.

Open seat offers

  • Make sure you are monitoring your @go.minneapolis.edu email address
  • Open seat offers expire after exactly 24 hours (the expiration time will be noted in your email)
  • Being offered a seat does not guarantee you are eligible to take the course. Prerequisites will be screened when you attempt registration for an open seat.
  • Check your eServices dashboard to see if there are holds that might prevent registration
  • Lecture courses that have required separate lab registration will allow you to add yourself to the waitlists, but may block you from registration when an offer is made. Contact the Registration and Records Office online or call 612-659-6282 for assistance.
  • Course wait lists are turned off at midnight on the Sunday before the term begins. No offers will be made after the wait lists have been turned off.

Can I get into a full course after the wait list is no longer available?

Once the semester has begun, and through the drop/add period, you will need to monitor the current course schedule for open seats and register if space becomes available. At this point, you may also contact the instructor to discuss the possibility of being added into a full class. On a limited basis, the instructor may give permission for you to register for a course that is full.

If approval is granted, the instructor will provide and approve a Course Cap Override form, which you then must submit to the Student Services Center (T.2100) for registration. Classes with required labs or space limitations may not be available for cap overrides.