Transfer Student Course Placement


Before you do anything else, have your official transcript sent to us!

Students who have earned credits at a regionally accredited college or university may have already satisfied some or all course placement requirements.

To obtain course placement, degree seeking students should immediately request to have all college and university transcripts, as well as IB transcripts, CLEP and AP official exam score reports sent to us.   Minneapolis College will review the documents submitted and approve course placement for eligible students.

If approved, course placements will be listed on your Degree Audit in eServices.

If you have already requested that your transcripts and/or exam scores be sent to us, we may have already approved and added course placements to your student record.  Please check for course placements on your Degree Audit in eServices.

How to determine course placement based on previous (college) coursework satisfying any of the following requirements:

Reading and English (writing) Placement

  • College-level – 15 semester credits of reading or writing intensive coursework, or conferred associates or bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution
  • Developmental – Equivalent reading course or equivalent English (writing) course

Math Placement with previous coursework

  • College-level – Equivalent or non-equivalent college level math course (excluding Philosophy)
  • Developmental – Equivalent developmental math course

If you sent us your transcripts and did not receive a placement please refer to the Self-Reported High School GPA process or the Directed Self Placement guides.

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