Recruit Minneapolis College Students: for Employers

Two workers on a solar panel

If you are an employer, Career Services can help you recruit talented students and alumni through the Minneapolis College Job Bank, on-campus recruiting, career fairs and event sponsorships.

There are a number of additional ways to get involved with our students and actively develop your future workforce. Volunteering to help students learn more about your business through informational interviews, becoming a classroom speaker or by facilitating an industry tour can help students solidify an interest in your field and learn how to prepare for their job search.

We also have a number of opportunities for you to offer industry expertise to our educational programs through advisory committee involvement.  Your feedback allows you to have a direct impact on how students are prepared to enter your industry. We strongly encourage you to develop internships and share volunteer and job opportunities with our students through the Minneapolis College Job Bank.  The Minneapolis College Job Bank can be used at no cost.

We look forward to talking with you, so please contact us for more information and learn how to get involved on our campus.