Trainings Help Students Move through Trauma to Healing

Trainings Help Students Move through Trauma to Healing

Minneapolis College is partnering with Dr. Meagan Abel, a clinical psychologist with a specialty in the assessment and treatment of trauma-related conditions, health psychology and the management of chronic pain, to offer trainings for students focused on societal and institutional racialized inequity and injustice.

Using her down-to-earth holistic approach and drawing from evidence-based practices and methodologies, Dr. Abel will lead students in trainings that move from understanding the impact of racial trauma to utilizing practical strategies to bring about healing. The traumas of racialized inequity and injustice compound the stressors already experienced by students. These trainings are offered to support students with healing and to reduce further trauma.  

Minneapolis College is striving to become a trauma responsive/healing institution. By creating a system that is predictable, sensitive, and responsive to students, Minneapolis College will promote the conditions that lead to learning, growth and success for students.

Virtual training sessions for students:

  • Friday | May 5 | 1 - 3:30 p.m.
  • Objective: Learn mechanisms to cope with and respond to racial trauma.

The last half hour of each session will be used for the Student Voices Initiative. All attendees are invited to participate.

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