Putting Computers in the Hands of Students

Digital Learning Progam

“Limited access to state-of-the-art technology can be a significant hurdle for many of our students,” said Tiffni Deeb, Vice President of Information Technology Services.

“COVID-19 changed the trajectory of our world and immediately made it difficult for students to access computers on campus. We knew we needed to do something different to ensure students have laptops, internet service and access to specialized software.”

To meet these important technology needs, Minneapolis College is kicking off the Digital Learning Program (DLP) putting fully configured and supported laptop computers, equipped with the latest software to meet educational demands, in the hands of students. The program ensures students have secure, reliable and supportable technology.  

“Students who have their own device can study on campus, in the community or in their own home,” said Deeb, who recognizes many students balance school alongside work and family. “This program provides an equitable learning environment and experience.”

Minneapolis College encourages faculty to reduce or remove costs for students whenever possible. One of the ways this happens is when faculty use technology in place of textbooks. The DLP then provides students the opportunity to invest in a lease-to-own laptop, providing them the technology to be successful in College, and beyond.

“Seven programs at the College require a laptop and the DLP ensures the laptop students lease for these programs have the software and support needed,” said Deeb. “Architectural Technology is one example of a program that requires a robust platform with specialized technology that is extremely expensive. The DLP is able to eliminate some of the expense through this program and pass the savings on to students.”

If you are enrolled in 6 credits or more at Minneapolis College and would like to enroll in the DLP, visit the DLP webpage. Computers are still available for fall semester!