New Virtual Reality and Rendering Certificate

man demonstrating Virtual Reality

Technology allows us to design and construct buildings with efficiency and confidence like never before. Rendering software allows us to take 3D computer models and transform them into realistic architectural environments so designers and clients can make better and faster decisions.

The new Virtual Reality and Rendering certificate program at Minneapolis College is the first of its kind in the state and will provide structured learning and skill development in the areas of architectural virtual reality and 3D computer model rendering. 

“We are providing structured, relevant training for the most in-demand technology within our industry,” said Tracy Boyle, architectural technology faculty who notes topics and lesson plans are relevant and taught by industry professionals in an evening hybrid format that caters to working professionals.

“This skillset is highly sought after within the industry and currently there is no other structured training like this in our region. As a student on our campus, you will have access to the latest software versions and equipment as well as downloadable access to free student versions of software.” 

According to a recent article from The Journal of the American Institute of Architects, “virtual reality has the potential to transform how architects design buildings and how client’s experience and review the proposed concepts.

As more architecture firms adopt Building Information Modeling (BIM), incorporating virtual reality into the design process becomes a natural extension given BIM’s 3D-based workflow. The challenge will be for firms to train their staff on the technology and to use virtual reality to its full potential.”   

Minneapolis College is poised to ensure students who successfully complete the new Virtual Reality and Rendering certificate program will have the ability to render high quality images, import an architectural computer model into the virtual reality software environment, modify and enhance the environment and set up and use virtual reality devices to explore the environment. Ultimately, if you are ready to meet industry demands in a highly creative way, set your sites here. 

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