New AAS in Cyber Security and Defense

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The new AAS degree in Cyber Security and Defense beginning in the School of Information Technology (ITEC) at Minneapolis College in the fall of 2021 is a comprehensive, industry-focused training in information technology security. This fast-paced, hands-on program will use state-of-the-art technology to prepare you to secure computers and networks, defend against cyber attacks and maintain secure IT systems.

“Security of information, data and networks is an economic and national security issue, affecting both organizations and individuals, and there is a dire lack of professionals trained in this area,” said Brian Huilman, ITEC faculty. “The growing demands for cyber security professionals offers an abundance of jobs from which to choose with new roles quickly emerging as technology evolves.”

Experienced Faculty

“Instructors with decades of business and industry experience garnered from organizations including the FBI, the Department of Defense and NASA will guide you through this program to ensure you have the skills needed to embark on one of the hottest careers in information technology,” said Huilman who formerly did contract work in cyber security with the FBI and prides himself on being a veteran and first-generation college graduate. “Minneapolis College is known in our community as a hidden gem offering a high-quality, affordable education with award-winning faculty. We pride ourselves on helping our students realize their potential.”

Build Your Network

“A core strength of the School of Information Technology is its strong network of partnerships with employers within the city and region,” said Andy Chrastek, ITEC faculty member, who notes cyber security is a growing field where trained professionals are needed in nearly every industry and organization. “We are confident business partners will seek graduates of this program to fill essential positions within their organizations.”

According to Huilman, even though the degree doesn’t officially start until the fall of 2021, classes within the School of Information Technology are stackable so you can start today by enrolling in the College’s core IT classes.  

“Whether you’re seeking our new AAS in Cyber Security and Defense or one our other IT degrees which include Software Development, Computer Support and Network Administration and Computer Forensics, the first semester for each program is identical,” said Rosa Shannon, academic advisor for ITEC. “The courses provide the essential foundation for students seeking to propel their career in technology and all classes are offered online making the programs accessible during the pandemic.”  

So, if you’re looking to start your career as a freelancer, at a small and up-and-coming startup or an enterprise with billions of dollars in revenue, cyber security has an abundance of roles from which to choose.

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