Indigenous People’s Art Exhibit

Indigenous Art

The American Indian Success (AIS) Program is seeking artists to be featured in the Indigenous Peoples Art Exhibit. The exhibit is set to launch during Native American Heritage Month in November.

“This exhibit honors the diversity of our campus' indigenous community through art pieces that speak to our unique experiences, identities and stories,” said AIS Program Coordinator Brooke Hornseth.” AIS strives to nurture the educational and personal success of American Indian Students who attend Minneapolis College as well as cultivate a unified cultural community on campus. From admission to graduation, the program has a thorough structure, specifically tailored to address American Indian student needs and affirm their Native cultural identity.

“We have a diversity of Indigenous nations here. It would be great for them to be showcased,” said Director of Equity and Inclusion Nanette Missaghi. She also said Hornseth wanted the art exhibit to “bring communities and Indigenous talents together through the artistic medium.” Missaghi hopes spectators will see the diversity and vibrancy amongst the Indigenous nations and support the artists. Missaghi encourages people to be willing to learn and ask questions about the art itself as well as the Indigenous nations.

“I hope they will see the range of talent from our students that come from a variety of nations,” said Missaghi. The Director also mentioned the importance of acknowledging the diversity of Indigenous nations, from Ho-Chunk to Lakota.

“So often we might tend to lump everyone to say ‘Native American' without being curious about what nation we are referring to,” said Missaghi, who also noted there are more than 500 Indigenous nations in the United States. “We do a great disservice when we just lump everyone together.”

The exhibit will be virtual, and artists can submit their work until Monday, October 25. Submissions will be reviewed by the Equity and Inclusion Department. Please submit art pieces virtually to equityandinclusion@minneapolis.edu. Artists are able to sell their art if they choose to. Artists will be responsible for facilitating sales.

Go to the Equity Events webpage for more information.

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