Honors Program Creates Opportunities

Honors Program Creates Opportunities

The Minneapolis College Honors Program is housed within the School of Liberal Arts and Cultures and is tailored for students who want more educational engagement, learning opportunities and community connections.

“When I began my Presidency at Minneapolis College, one of my goals was to add an Honors Program to our academic offerings,” said Minneapolis College President Sharon Pierce. “I knew the College had the academic rigor, teaching excellence and extraordinary student services in order to develop and offer an exemplary program. Providing our well-prepared students access to an Honors experience is part of our commitment to being a leader in equity and inclusion.”

“There are many benefits to participating in Minneapolis College’s Honors Program,” said Heidi Aldes, Dean of Enrollment Management. “The program is tailored for students who have a thirst for knowledge, want to engage in experiential learning and have a natural curiosity to go beyond traditional learning.”

Opportunities available to Honors students include:

  • Honors scholarships for qualifying students
  • Honors credit on their college transcript
  • Faculty mentors known for excellence in teaching
  • One-on-one academic advising
  • A student-driven Honors curriculum
  • A supportive community of peers
  • Campus and community engagement opportunities

“The Honors Program at Minneapolis College is a student-driven experience that builds community among the Honors cohort and develops the academic and leadership skills of all students involved,” said Darren Wieland, English faculty member and Director of the Honors Program. “Our Program is equity-minded, focusing on the potential of new participants rather than test scores or GPA. It is also aligned with the best practices of the National Collegiate Honors Council, keeping an eye on community engagement and a meaningful honors experience.”

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