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Honors Program


Why Honors? 

This program is for students who want more from their college experience—more challenges, more opportunities and more connections with fellow students and great professors. The School of Liberal Arts and Cultures Honor Program at Minneapolis College is for people with a passion for learning.

There are many benefits of participating in Minneapolis College’s Honors Program. Here are just a few of the opportunities available to our honors students: 

  • Honors Scholarships available for those who qualify
  • Faculty mentors known for excellence in teaching
  • One-on-one academic advising
  • A supporting community of your peers
  • Receive honors credit on their college transcript
  • Customized Honors curriculum
  • Complete in-depth academic research
  • Exclusive opportunities open to Honors Students
  • Participate in campus and community activities
  • Transfer Opportunities.

Honors Program Curriculum 

As a student in the Honors Program you will take 15 credits of honors designated coursework in the process of completing your Associate of Arts Degree.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand and communicate contemporary social and political issues impacting the student’s communities.
  2. Reflect on the knowledge, contexts, and attitudes needed for responsible community engagement.
  3. Develop leadership skills by engaging with fellow students in and outside of the honors program.
  4. Investigate, assess, and report on the production, dissemination, and control of knowledge.
  5. Generate critical responses to a variety of concepts and issues in the liberal arts.

Honors Seminar & Capstone


Please reach out to Darren Wieland for any questions regarding the Honors Program.