Minneapolis College Honor Roll Society


As retired faculty and staff of Minneapolis College, you are an important and treasured resource for the College community. Students were successful because you understood the challenges they faced and the obstacles they experienced. You supported our scholars on their academic journeys and helped shape the minds and perspectives of today's community leaders, poets, scientists, artists, tradesmen & tradeswomen. Minneapolis College’s reputation for excellence in higher education is a direct result of your commitment and passion. 

The newly established Honor Roll Society for Retired Faculty and Staff is our way of expressing deep appreciation for your many years of dedication and service.  Harnessing your remarkable talents furthers the mission of our College. Today’s collaboration and partnership with you will undoubtedly benefit tomorrow’s students.  We want you to remain active and connected to Minneapolis College!

You’re invited to bring your energy and enthusiasm back to campus. Help us further our mission to provide equitable access to education. Become a volunteer or mentor - your expertise is a gift to share! Or, attend Honor Roll Society workshops and events, dedicated to topics that are important to you.

Join the Honor Roll Society today. Membership is free for the first year and $20 per year afterwards.

“Students deserve a chance at a brighter tomorrow even if they don't fit into the 4-year university education model or despite obstacles that life has thrown at them.  Minneapolis College does that.  I want to keep helping students do that.  As a retiree, I still have time, talent and my heart to share.”

Deb Pomroy
-Retired ESL Instructor
-Chair, Honor Roll Society

For more information contact: foundation@minneapolis.edu
612 - 659 - 6313