PSEO Students


Earn FREE college credit while in high school

Minneapolis College offers flexible classes for eligible sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Challenge yourself academically and lower your overall cost for college with Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO).



  • More than 90% of students who transferred their credits from Minneapolis College’s PSEO program had their credits accepted at other postsecondary institutions, including Minnesota State colleges, private colleges and out-of-state universities.
  • High school students are more likely to attend college if they have participated in a dual-enrollment program like PSEO 
  • The credits students take in concurrent enrollment gives them a head start on their college career
  • PSEO offers convenient course scheduling

"PSEO has taught me numerous skills, such as how to manage my time given that I was taking a full-time college course load alongside my extensive list of extracurriculars. PSEO gave me the opportunity to learn the necessary work/life balance to succeed."

— Rahma Farah, Minneapolis high school senior and full-time PSEO student


Apply as a PSEO Student

The Post-Secondary Educational Options (PSEO) program is a state program for high school and home-schooled juniors and seniors, which offers the opportunity to enroll in and attend college-level courses and apply earned credits toward high school graduation requirements and a college degree. 

The PSEO program pays for your tuition and textbooks for college-level courses (numbered 1000 level or higher) taken for high school and college credit. See below for eligibility requirements.

If you have been a PSEO student at Minneapolis College and you are graduating from high school, apply as a returning student instead of following the application steps on this page.

If you want to take classes in the summer, are from out-of-state or missed the application deadlines, you may apply for Minneapolis College’s High School Non-PSEO Program.