Virtual Summer Scholars Academy


Your personal invitation for a head start in your education.
July 11 -  August 8, 2024

A FREE Alternative to Developmental Education Coursework

Minneapolis Community and Technical College (Minneapolis College) invites you to take part in our Virtual Summer Scholars Academy program for FREE with the opportunity to earn a $300 scholarship.

The Summer Scholars Academy helps build your confidence as a scholar and provides you with an opportunity to network virtually with peers and staff from Minneapolis College.

Through the program you will:

  • Develop learning strategies/study skills in reading and/or writing
  • Save hundreds of dollars on developmental education courses by completing
  • \$300 scholarship toward fall semester tuition upon successful completion of the program
  • \$150 bookstore scholarship for spring 2024 upon successful completion of the summer SSA program plus a 2.0 GPA earned for fall 2024
  • Explore the services and resources available to you with Minneapolis College through workshops on:  
    • Time management and study skills
    • Financial Aid literacy
    • Student Support Center- Resource Referral
    • Major and Career Exploration
    • Critical Thinking and SMART Goals
    • Self Care for College student, plus more!

Dates: July 11 - August 8, 2024