Academic Petitions


An academic petition enables a student to request a course substitution or a program requirement waiver when extenuating circumstances have occurred. You are strongly encouraged to meet with your academic advisor to determine whether or not a petition is appropriate for your situation.

There are two types of requests you can make with an Academic Petition – course substitution or program requirement waiver.

Course Substitution

This is a request to use a course taken at Minneapolis College or another institution in place of a course required for your current program or major. For course substitutions using transfer coursework, a transfer credit evaluation must already be complete. 

A course substitution is not the same thing as course equivalency. If you have transfer coursework that did not transfer as expected, and you believe it should be considered equivalent to a Minneapolis College course, please follow the Transfer Credit Appeal process. 

Program Requirement Waiver

This is a request to be exempt from particular course requirement based on an overall completion of relevant coursework or experience. If a requirement waiver is granted, you must make up the credits with appropriate coursework in order to meet the minimum number of college-level credits required for your program.

Academic Petition Forms

Academic petition forms are available at the Student Services Center (T.2100), from your academic advisor, or by requesting a form online. Make sure to read through all of the instructions on the first page of the petition, so that you understand the entire process.