Policy 4.04


Part 1. Student Conduct Policy

The College establishes a code of student conduct that states policies and procedures for the administration of student conduct proceedings. Students will be afforded appropriate due process in the resolution of any allegation(s) of violations of the code of student conduct.  Students found responsible for violations are subject to disciplinary action which in more serious cases may include suspension or expulsion from the College.  The Student Code of Conduct is available on the College website and is posted at appropriate locations on campus.

Part 2. Off-campus Conduct

The College may hold students accountable for violations of behavioral standards committed off-campus when: hazing is involved; or the violation is committed while participating in a College sanctioned or sponsored activity; or the victim of the violation is a member of the college community; or the violation constitutes a felony under state or federal law; or the violation adversely affects the educational research, or service functions of the College.

Part 3. Appeal

Students found to be responsible for a conduct violation will be provided an avenue of appeal within the College.  In addition, in cases involving suspension for ten (10) days or longer, student will be informed of their right to a contested case hearing under Minnesota Statute 14.

Part 4. Procedures

The College has established the procedures to implement this policy (4.04.01 Student Code of Conduct Procedures).

Date of Adoption: 4/4/2007

Date of Implementation (if different from from adoption date):

Date of Last Review: 6/10/2013

Date and Subject of Revisions: