When to Apply & Exceptions


Admissions accepts applications one year before the start of a semester or session. There are a number of enrollment steps and completing them early helps you get everything done before the deadlines.

Here are some additional reasons to apply now and get started with your enrollment steps:

  • The financial-aid process takes 4 to 6 weeks. Apply for financial aid before the financial aid priority date to know what your financial aid package includes before the start of the semester when payment is due.
  • Any documents requested by Admissions have to be submitted by the application deadline. After we review your application, we may ask for more information and you’ll need time to get that to us before the deadline.
  • Visit the Course Placement webpage. It is recommended go over the course placement webpages to determine your level.
  • Technical and career programs fill up. Increase your chances of getting into the program you want by applying early.
  • You will have a wider choice of classes when you register. Apply early so you can sign up for classes that best fit your schedule.