Tuition Refunds Due to Enrollment Changes


You may need to drop or withdraw from classes during a semester. Minnesota State Policy 5.12 explains tuition and fee refunds and dates. Please refer to the course schedule for specific dates by course.

Refund of Tuition and Fees

Only courses dropped by you are eligible for a refund of tuition and fees. For full-term courses, the deadline to drop without a bill is the fifth business day of the semester (Last Day to Drop).

In most cases, refunds are not available for withdrawals after the Last Day to Drop.

If you stop attending a course, it is your responsibility to update your enrollment record by withdrawing from the course in eServices. Your instructor may report an administrative withdrawal (Last Date of Attendance), but these enrollment changes are not drops and not eligible for a refund.

If your circumstances require you to withdraw from all classes, please contact your academic advisor and an employee in Student Services Center. These employees can explain how withdrawals will impact your academic and financial record. 

Reminder:  There are financial aid consequences to withdrawing from all courses. If you use financial aid grants, scholarships, or loans, please contact an employee in Student Services and ask about the impact to your financial aid eligibility.