Tuition Refund Appeals


In rare or significant circumstances, you may be eligible for a waiver of tuition and certain fees via an appeal process. Minnesota State Procedure 5.12.1 explains tuition waivers.

Tuition Waiver Criteria:

Not all bills are eligible for tuition waiver. However, if you experience a significant circumstance that is beyond your control and requires you to withdraw from all courses, you may be eligible to have tuition and certain fees waived.

To be eligible, you must have professional documentation which verifies the dates of the circumstance which required you to stop attending all your courses.

Tuition Waiver Appeal Form

Communications will be sent to your college email.

Reminder:  There are financial aid consequences to withdrawing from all courses. If you use financial aid grants, scholarships, or loans, please contact an employee in Student Services and ask about the impact to your financial aid eligibility.