What is Read & Write, OrbitNote, and EquatIO?

They are digital learning tools that can help students with their coursework and improve their study skills. Read & Write works with all general content courses, OrbitNote works with PDFs, and EquatIO is geared for STEM courses.  

Read & Write

What is Read &Write?

Read & Write is a learning tool designed to support your reading, writing, research and studying habits. These tools can help you focus and complete assignments. Need to read a chapter from a textbook? Have Read & Write read the chapter out loud to you. Want to highlight an important part of an article or word document? Use the highlighter tool. You can even dictate an entire essay and more!


What is OrbitNote?  

With OrbitNote you can make digital documents accessible and actionable, while demonstrating and giving feedback in multiple formats. It’s a great tool to boost productivity, connections and collaboration! Open digital documents in Google Drive and OneDrive. 


What is EquatIO?

EquatIO is a math accessibility solution for those who prefer to listen to math in any document or web page, or to create math content with voice or handwriting. EquatIO allows users to take a screenshot of the inaccessible equation to convert it to accessible math that will automatically be read aloud.

Once the equation is converted, users can paste the equation into a Word document, or create LaTeX or MathML of the equation. EquatIO can be used to dictate equations and formulas aloud. It understands what is said and turns the spoken input to written expressions. EquatIO can also be used to write math freehand on the device and to turn that into digital math.