Student Life Budget Committee Funding Guidelines


The Student Life Budget Committee (SLBC) is a committee of the Student Senate. It is comprised entirely of students with an ex-officio advisor. The SLBC oversees the management and disbursement of Student Life fees in a viewpoint neutral manner, in accordance with Minnesota State Board Policy 2.8.

Funding Process

Each spring term, the Student Life Budget Committee develops a budget for the following fiscal year that funds clubs, organizations, activities and student fee-funded departments.

In spring ‘17, the Student Senate voted to approve a funding process where all clubs receive a \$200 starting budget, with earmarked funds for specific re-occurring events and incentives for club development activities through Student Life.

In spring 2020, the Student Senate voted to approve the Food Security Budget to allocate clubs with additional budget of $200 for food expenses for the fiscal year at club meetings, events, and more.

Reoccurring Event Funding

The SLBC identified club events that are long-standing traditions or annual expenses and earmarked funding for these events in the general club fund. To find out which events are included in this fund, please contact the Senate’s Director of Finance or Student Life staff. In order to access these earmarked funds, clubs will need to present their budget plan and event plan to the Director of Student Life.

The Director of Student Life will make a request for funds to be transferred from the general club fund to the club’s cost center. The Director of Student Life may then request the transfer of funds.

Club Development Incentives

Each semester, Student Life offers opportunities that support the growth and development of clubs and their members. The SLBC will give financial incentives to clubs for sending a club participant to the following events during both the fall and spring terms: Connections Fair, Club Conference, and Club Leadership Retreat.

A club will earn \$50 for each event attended (must be present for 75% of the event) and will receive \$150 for attending all three events plus \$500 (a total of $650).