Star Scholars


What is the Star Scholars program?

The Star Scholar Program is designed to make your dream of attending college tuition-free a possibility.

The STAR Scholars is a scholarship program that provides academic and financial support to traditionally underrepresented students in postsecondary institutions. STAR Scholars takes a holistic approach to supporting its students.

In alignment with the mission of Minneapolis College to support students through their academic journey to degree/program completion, the STAR Program provides the following: 

  • Culturally relevant advising: As the target demographic of this scholarship is undocumented, the STAR Scholarship provides support in completing the MN Dream Act Application, as well as translation/interpretation services as needed. 
  • Funding for college expenses: The STAR Scholarship is a last-dollar scholarship. It intends to cover tuition expenses for students with limited external financial support. 
  • Academic and identity-affirming programming: The STAR Scholarship valorizes the cultural histories and personal experiences of historically underserved communities in academia by programming culturally educational events at a collegiate institution. The goal of this programming is to empower the identities of STAR students to challenge the elitist culture of postsecondary education, and to create opportunities for student leadership in event organizing. To a greater magnitude, the identity-affirming programming is intended to foster a more culturally aware environment at Minneapolis College. 
  • Assistance with college success necessities: This includes connecting students to and/or providing resources for food insecurity, health and wellness, scholarship and job opportunities, and workshops for professional development. 

* Students are supported by the program for three consecutive years or up to 72 college-level completed credits. A student is no longer eligible for the STAR Scholarship once one of these benchmarks is reached.

Deadline to apply and submit all documentation is May 10, 2024. Entrance into the Star Scholar Program will be awarded based on date of application completion and merit.

Please note: Applicant and family data is not shared with other agencies.