Two Minneapolis College Faculty Recognized with Awards for Excellence

Two Minneapolis College Faculty Recognized with Awards for Excellence

The Board of Trustees of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities has recognized four individuals with Awards for Excellence. Included were Minneapolis College faculty Hope Doerner and Kendra-Ann Seenandan-Sookdeo. 

The awards are conferred annually to college and university teaching faculty and university administrative service faculty to acknowledge and provide systemwide recognition for consistently superior commitment to student learning and to encourage the ongoing pursuit of excellence at the colleges and universities of Minnesota State.

“Outstanding educators and administrative and service faculty make it possible for us to provide an extraordinary education for all Minnesotans,” said Roger Moe, chair of the Board of Trustees. “The programs our faculty deliver – academic programs, advising, financial aid, registration, residential life, and student affairs, just to name a few – are vital to our ability to serve students and communities in every corner of the state. The board established the Awards for Excellence to honor this exceptional work, to shine a spotlight on it, and to share it far beyond a single campus.”

Hope Doerner, Early Childhood Education faculty, Educator of the Year

A tireless advocate for students, faculty leader, and industry expert, Doerner continues to innovate and inspire her students. “Hope works tirelessly to make a difference in our college, Minnesota State, and the child-care industry,” said Sharon Pierce, president of Minneapolis College. “The very fact that Hope knows how to navigate systems to make these changes is impressive. But even more impressive is why she does it – everything Hope does is driven by her love for students and her desire to be part of the solution to the ongoing crisis in the availability of high-quality day care.”

Kendra-Ann Seenandan-Sookdeo, Nursing faculty, Educator of the Year

Fostering a growth mindset in her students, Seenandan-Sookdeo looks for ways to both build lasting relationships and personalize learning for greater impact. “One of the things that stands out about Kendra-Ann is her understanding of and compassion for students in the Nursing program,” said Sharon Pierce, president of Minneapolis College. 

“As a former nursing faculty myself, I understand that aside from the rigor of the program itself, one of the greatest challenges nursing students face is the stress and anxiety that accompanies the rigorous curriculum and the high-stakes nature of either making it or not making it as a nursing student. I am impressed with the ways in which Dr. Seenandan-Sookdeo responds to that reality both in and out of the classroom.”

The 2024 Board of Trustees Awards for Excellence event honoring this year’s recipients was held on April 17, 2024.

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