Student Voices

Student Voices

Minneapolis College works to anchor its decisions, programs and services around student needs, creating a climate that supports personal agency and invites participation in the college community.

The Student Voices project creates a platform for students and alumni to share their personal stories, ultimately building bridges between students, faculty, staff, and administration with the goal of informing the College’s policies, procedures, and practices to be more equitable and inclusive. The premise is steeped in the idea of creating a beloved community—one where students feel a sense of belonging. 

The Student Voices team seeks out students who are interested in sharing their lived experiences of hope, courage, fear, and motivation. Inspirational and informative videos are produced to showcase these stories and are shared across campus to create a dialogue that supports educational and personal success. The project is grounded in listening and respecting the uniqueness of each individual and to illuminate cultural differences and build understanding. 

Yankuba Bojang

Yankuba Bojang moved to New York from Gambia, West Gambia, Africa in 2016 and in 2019, he ventured on to Minnesota. Shortly after arriving to the Twin Cities, he discovered Minneapolis College, a place with a respectful and diverse environment that reminded him of being back home in Africa. He now describes the College as the best educational experience of his life. “I was invited to share my story through the Student Voices project by Dung Mao, a faculty member who I now consider a friend,” said Yankuba Bojang. “I found it an opportunity to have a voice that can positively impact students long into the future.” Bojang is now fully immersed in the project, recruiting students to participate and editing video content.

“Hearing the perspectives of students has given me an opportunity to learn from my peers,” said Bojang, who will graduate from Minneapolis College in Human Services in December of 2022. “Everyone has important life experiences, positive and challenging, that are meaningful to share. This project gives voice to the amazing journey of some of our own.”

If you would like to share your story through the Student Voices project, reach out to studentvoices@minneapolis.edu.

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